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  • December Bottomless Dripper 不單是一個平底濾杯,更是一個無底濾杯。
  • 陶瓷製的厚厚濾杯重量十足,提供良好的保暖效果,濾杯內壁上沒有任何溝槽,濾紙和濾杯密密緊貼
  • 以上結構希望減少濾杯邊緣的咖啡未完全萃取就流出的情況,從而確保所有萃取能自然流到濾杯底層。
  • 這方法提升了萃取咖啡的一致性、穩定的流速和萃取率,讓手沖咖啡這方法更容易創造出完美的精品咖
  • 不管是錐形濾紙、還是平底濾紙,均可適用於December Bottomless Dripper上!


- Ceramic material

- Made in Korea

*The dropper side logo is an example.


December Bottomless Dripper is a Flat bottomless Dripper, with the flat bottom completely removed.

Its ceramic body has a warm, heavy feel and because there is no rib on the inside wall of the dripper, the filter and dripper are attracted to each other without space.
This structure prevents the extract from flowing down the side of the filter, thereby ensuring that all extracts flow naturally to the bottom floor.
This adds a consistent and stable flow and extraction rate to the pour-over extraction method, creating the perfect specialty coffee without failure.
Both cone-shaped and flat-bottom filters can be used with this dripper, but we recommend a flat-bottomed filter, based on the top-down espresso extraction method.


Pour-over method offers a more even extraction of coffee and a more balanced taste when soakage style method is used rather than running method (go-though style).
December bottomless has started from the idea that anyone should be able to enjoy specialty coffee, in an age where the quality of coffee is getting higher and various tastes are becoming more prevalent. Thus, it allows various tastes and scents according to the quality of the coffee and the characteristics of the individual filter.

韓國December Bottomless

  • 尺寸: 119mm x 108mm x 37mm

    材料: 陶瓷(陶瓷)